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Lance Winslow

The Flow of Transportation

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The Importance of the Flow of Transportation

The Flow of Transportation in the United States is crucial as it is everywhere. One of the most important things in any civilization is the flow of transportation. People have needs to transport themselves around. And since we do not have those nifty Star Trek transporter machines yet, we need to find efficient ways to move our bodies in linear time to other places of interest to fulfill our needs and desires. People have places to go and people to see, for instance; commuting to work, taking a vacation, having some fun, going to the doctor, getting to school, going to church, picking up materials to finish a project. And of course picking up necessary supplies like groceries, clothes, hygiene items, etc. Think of all the things in your household, all of those items, TV, refrigerator, sofa, plants, items in the garage, etc. Where did they all come from? Well they came from destinations all over the globe, even if you are careful to buy local or buy American, many of the movable parts inside those items came from other countries many many thousands of miles away.

You see the items in the store were produced, whether they are agricultural products which were grown, raw materials which were collected or whether they were manufactured; .

All these items of course came from where they were produced or collected. Then they were transported; by Truck, by plane, By Train, By ship or most often a combination of these methods of transportation. Sometimes the products come to you with B2C websites; such as Online Grocery Sites, Safeway-Vons Stores

and Albertson

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Indeed vision is an issue in transportation;

Having the opportunity to run a franchise company in the auto sector has been quite an interesting job indeed. During my time as the CEO of The Car Wash Guys we ran a small team of researchers who gathered industry information from where ever we could find it. One of the most interesting new inventions we found was remarkable.


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