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Akron and South Eastern OH

Lance Winslow

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East Ohio Regional Economics and Manufacturing

In 2000 there were 12,800 manufacturing companies between Erie-Cleveland-Canton-Pittsburgh and 13,900 Wholesale companies. The landscape is quite different in that region today. Just in time theory did not work as well as intended as wholesale companies were traded for computerized in-flight, over the road, just in time, on the way transportation and distribution alignment. But as OH started attacking trucking with over regulation and places like Akron went from 42 flights a day to 30, the just in time caught wholesalers out of inventory and out of luck along with manufacturers out of parts and finite capacity theory out the window. But it is just as well as all the partnerships with Japanese firms had changed the game anyway and parts were to be genuine Japanese built based on stolen technology from all those picture-taking trade tours. Dah? Today we see pirated parts from China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Korea, which is crushing OH auto after market manufacturers.

Universally built cars, avoided luxury tax laws, 51% built in a NAFTA country did not help the UAW at all, but then again they also did not help themselves either. Eastern and Western culture clash ensued and all the Collision Course warnings by the heads of all the Unions, and Divisions of GM, couldn

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