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Sound Walls on Freeways as Energy Collectors

Lance Winslow

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Sound Walls on Freeways as Energy Collectors

Cruising down our Freeways, Highways and Toll Ways we often see large walls to block the sound to residential neighborhoods on the other side. This is to insure they are able to live in peace and quiet, indeed these sound walls work quiet well, however ask any tow truck driver what he thinks? The noise is kept on the freeway and the wind blows like a venturi down in between, making his job a living hell. These sound walls should be dual purpose instead of merely a wall for keeping peace. We all know walls do not keep the peace of mankind alone.

Wind blowing down and sped up between these walls gives you the perfect scenario to collect wind energy with wind turbines. Large walls like this could also be used to collect sunlight at different times of the day. The vibrational energy is also quite significant and it too can be collected and used for lighting of road signs, streetlights and warning displays. How so you ask; how can we use this so-called vibrational energy to benefit us? Quite simply actually, using some old technology, which is being revived today.

By placing large sandwich sheets with a taunt film on the vibrational side and small copper lined tubes, hundreds of them running perpendicular to the sheets, with magnets inside bouncing back and forth. These magnets will charge a capacitor and be hooked up to an LED lighting system using fiber optics or reflectors, each one hooked up to a .2 to .5 watt light. With hundreds of thousands of lights hooked up in a composite format it will light up the roadway and since the lights can shine down on the road in the direction of traffic it would be like daylight without the light pollution associated with street lights in large cities.

Currently this technology is being used in those little flashlights you see advertised on television that you shake and they light, but you never need batteries. This idea of lighting up the freeways is using that technology on a larger scale with miniaturized parts making up the guts between the sandwich sheets. Let there be light, thru vibrational energy and there was. Think on it.

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