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Muskegon SubForum?


Muskegon SubForum?  

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  1. 1. Muskegon SubForum?

    • Yes - Under Grand Rapids
    • Yes - Under Michigan
    • No

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Though I have not seen an overwhelming number Muskegon related postings and threads, it would be nice to see Muskegon get its own forum to stimulate talk about that city. However since Muskegon is a part of the Grand Rapids MSA along with Holland, Muskegon would be best suited as a sub-forum under Grand Rapids.

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^ Except in the TC thread the only ones who post are me, ka3kab, and sometimes you. and other random posters, too every once and a while. If it gets some more poster, then yeah, i could see a subforum for it.

sorry to go off topic. But anyway, if a Muskegon subforums was created, it should be put under the GR subforum.

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I can't believe I'm voting no on one of these.

I think a Muskegon subforum at this point would be frivolous. I don't believe there is enough support, and i'm not sure an area that size could generate enough interest to support an entire subforum. The Lakeshore, and Muskegon are very much intertwined and tied to the Grand Rapids forum, as is all of western Michigan. Perhaps change the name of the GR forum simply to West Michigan, and you have encompassed it all. However Muskegon enthusiasts and lurkers if you are out there make yourselves known. Any development news on that front is just as well suited in here for now. IMHO

I don't know how many people agree, but I see much more justification in Opening a Kalamazoo forum before I'd create one for Muskegon.

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Some of you guys act like this is a vote for a tax hike. I say give them a sub-forum under Grand Rapids and let them toy with it... If it helps that the western area of the Metro has a specific place to post why not? I say that you name the sub-forum something like Metro West... encompass Holland-Grand Haven in it. It sounds cool.

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Muskegon and Holland are no longer classified a part of the Grand Rapids MSA (which they shouldn't have been anyway) and is a city in itself. Perhaps the person who requested it (I think I have a good idea) could offer an opinion as to where they would prefer to see it??

I think you guys are wrong about Kzoo. I believe there is more going on in Muskegon, and several individuals who are instrumental in Muskegon's downtown and metro revitalization are active "lurkers" here. :D

Even if the Grand Rapids forum has this under it:
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