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Salt Lake City's Gateway center

Sean Reynolds

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The Gateway is located west of downtown SLC. It opened in 2001 and includes an outdoor shopping center, as well as apartment buildings. This area was once blighted railroad tracks and is now probably one of the more bustling areas in Salt Lake City.

Anyway I was out shopping and thought I'd bring my camera along with me to take some photos. Very NICE day today, so it was quite busy. So you better enjoy! ;)

The Parc at the Gateway is finishing up construction. It's an 11 story apartment building.


The westside entrance to the center.


Looking down Rio Grande Street.


This is the top level of the area.


Looking south at the crowd.


Looking down to Rio Grande Street.



Looking south. You can see some of the apartments peaking.


The main entrance, this is the back of the old Union Pacific Depot.


Enjoying the warm weather! :)


Here comes the WATER!


Parc at the Gateway.


Back to Rio Grande Street.


Finally, south down Rio Grande Street.


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DANG! I had no idea that Salt Lake City was building that urban shoppoing oasis. What a smart urban move that was for the city! It looks bustling and exciting. Just the pictures make me crave a STARBUCKS mocha and to visit Barnes & Noble. If I am ever in SLC, I'll have to check that place out. I also like the white border you put around your photos -- nice touch!

Hey, Sean, do you have any pictures of Salt Lake City's suburban skylines or office centers? If you do, can you post them over in my "[suburban] SKYLINES" thread over in SSC in the "City Photos" section? I've never seen SLC's suburban buildings, although I remember some stunning complexes when driving through Salt Lake in 1999. If you have pics, I appreciate it! :)

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