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Gatlinburg Photo's


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A little Urban Gatlinburg

Near the aquarium looking at the 330ft. Space Needle


From atop the Space Needle; Looking northward in the diection of Pigeon Forge


Gatlinburg's Tallest 15-story Park Vista Hotel


Gateway to the Smoky's



Great Smoky Mountain National Park



Cade's Cove




Now I know why they call it the Smokey's



Since it was thundering....this sign was as close as we got to Tennessee's Tallest point


Not all of these pics were urban; but I wanted to share these photo's of yall's beautiful state :thumbsup:

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Thanks for posting. I've stayed in the Park Vista. It's not the best hotel in the world,but it is an interesting building. If you get on the right side the views are great and if I remember correctly it has an atrium that is open all the way to the top of the building.

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Gatlinburg is a beautiful resort town with a special character. There are lots of unique hotels that line the river and lots of interesting shops and restaurants. It's smaller and quainter than most mega-resort areas, yet Gatlinburg host smore tourists than all but a few resort towns. The mountains are spectacular and are best seen on the many hiking trails that go thru the park. Thanks for posting these excellent pictures.

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