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Favorite places

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I'll start with my top 5

1. Bell's beer garden

2. Water Street Coffee Joint -- a model other indy coffee places should follow (I could do without the styro cups, but the coffee and baked goods are good enough to overlook them).

3. Cosmo's/O'Duffy's: A great example of a neighborhood pub with some eclectic food. One of my favorite places of all time.

4. Coney Island (downtown); a unique institution that's just like your grandfather liked it (the neighboring Ouzo's is another nice addition)

5. Michigan News Agency -- classic newsstand with every magazine one could imagine.

**Wild cards: Sarkozy Bakery; Kalamazoo Valley Museum (free!); Rose Street Market/Just Good Food; Food Dance Cafe

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I've got your back.

My top 5:

1) The Kalamazoo Promise - You are internationally famous for this incredible gift.

2) Bell's - other than The Promise, this is our most famous distinguishing factor. Seriously. People around the country know Bell's.

3) The Kalamazoo Nature Center - easily the best nature center in the state. easily.

4) Cosmo's/O'Duffy's....I moved to GR 2 years ago...still miss my favorite

5) Kalamazoo College - Incredible academics. There's nowhere else like it in Michigan.

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1. The Mall... gotta love it, even if it isn't just pedestrians anymore.

2. My Grandparents house

3. My old neighborhood (Briarwood Valley - behind Drake's Pond)

4. My old elementary/middle school

5. The Campus Bilbos (oh wait, it's not there anymore :cry::unsure:

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1. The Kalamazoo Promise

2. Historic (and Crumbling) East Campus (WMU needs to get with it and focus on/preservethis treasure).

3. Waterstreet Coffee Joint

4. Sarkozy's Bakery

5. The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. For a city this size, it is an amazing resource.

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