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Foothills of southern Ohio


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This is part of a travel guide I am writing for my site, American Byways. It hasn't been written yet but parts should be up by tonight. I uploaded numerous photographs to the gallery at American Byways, but here are some of my favourites:;

1. OH 775 curves by two homesteads north of Sand Lick.


2. The Walnut Methodist Church, erected in 1871 in Sand Lick, has not fared so well. It's time worn appearance blends in with the remainder of this tiny community along OH 775.


3. Not much is left in Sand Lick. An abandoned general store with two gas pumps stand ready to serve that one last customer.


4. The black Labrador-Retriever that followed me around Sand Lick actually went to retrieve its pup under the old Methodist church to show me while I was photographing the general store. The mother came by a few minutes later to ensure everything was okay!


5. Established in 1921, this one-room church is a reminder that not much has changed along OH 141.


6. Olive Methodist Church


7. The Cadmus High School has been closed since the early 1990s, but the community that it resides in is still thriving, with Amish homesteads being the new driving force for this region.


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