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Millerville Development


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The Millerville Road widening south of I-12 has been completed for a couple of weeks...really nice; however mixed opinion on if the green-median would have not been better than the continuous 5th lane??


The new Rotolo's Pizza adds a cool lil vibe in the area...


Fairwood branch library is nearing completion on Old Hammond Hwy near South Flannery Rd...


Trimming some old/dead trees & shrubs continues at the proposed Millerville Greens....still no word on a Kohl's or Belk 's anchor to the development.


The new 4-laned South Harrell's Ferry Rd is really nice(with median)from So.Sherwood Forest Blvd to Jones Creek Road...

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Here's something from October 14, from the Advocate.


"In other business, the commission approved a concept plan for The Greens at Millerville, an apartment and retail/office development at the former Fairwood golf course along Interstate 12 west of Millerville Road.

The 8-0 vote came over the objections of about a half-dozen residents who said traffic in the area is already bad.

The residents also said they are worried about the size and placement of the apartment buildings and a potential car dealership there.

Commissioner Audrey Nabors Jackson was absent.

Developer Windy Gladney said the layout of the development, which will be considered at a later meeting, will address neighbors’ concerns, and a planned on-ramp to the interstate will improve traffic."

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Change apartments to condominiums, and remove the car dealership, and this project has my support. 


Apartments complexes in this town almost never have a bright future. Surrounding single-family neighborhoods pay the price for that, inevitably.  

Depends on the quality of the complex, the complex opposite of this site is doing well and is well kept.

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="garrett_225" data-cid="1249070" data-time="1356155483"><p>

Change apartments to condominiums, and remove the car dealership, and this project has my support. <br />

<br />

Apartments complexes in this town almost <em class='bbc'>never</em> have a bright future. Surrounding single-family neighborhoods pay the price for that, inevitably.</p></blockquote>


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As the housing market rebounds, apartment homes will suffer even more.

I honestly told my realtor when we moved to Atlanta to never show me a house anywhere near a giant rental complex. St Jean apartments really turned me off on that.

The developer held all kinds of meetings with the locals, EVERYBODY hated the idea, and they did it anyways. That area has declined ever sense.

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No mention of the reconfigured off ramp at I-12??


Greens at Millerville could see groundbreaking later this month

After more than eight years in the planning, developer Windy Gladney is hoping to begin infrastructure work at The Greens at Millerville within the next month. Gladney—who acquired the approximately 60-acre property at Millerville Road and Interstate 12 in 2006 and was delayed in developing the project due to a long-running lawsuit involving his former partner, Jim Tanner, and their lender, BancorpSouth—has submitted plans to the DPW and is awaiting approval to begin building roads through the mixed-use development, which will include residential and retail components. Though Gladney is not yet ready to disclose his tenants for The Greens at Millerville, he confirms he has signed letters of intent with an auto dealer and also with a national health club. He also has an agreement with Alsation Land Co. of Kansas City, Mo., to develop a 320-unit apartment complex. Alsation built the State Farm Insurance Operations Center at Towne Center, which has received several local and national awards for its design and construction. "We're anxious to get started," says Gladney. "I hate to put a date on it because we've done that before. But hopefully it will be the end of this month or sometime next month." —Stephanie Riegel



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The Greens at Millerville continues infrastructure work...however still not announcements on the tenants yet? 


The developer  committed to building a west bound on-ramp to I-12 before developing the property. He doesn't have the required Federal approval to do so and not sure he will get it..... How can he possibly be permitted to proceed? 


The Millerville/ I-12 area is going to rival the cluster that is Siegen Market Place at I-10 if something does not change.... <_<

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Nice for you to drop by Fla_Tiger! Thanks for continuing the good work with all of the updates for BR in SSP! :thumbsup:


Hard to explain all of this on internet....

Not sure on the requirements; but developer committed to this new westbound on ramp for southbound traffic; so a left turn lane into the 1/4 (westbound)clover-leaf would not be necessary....however north bound traffic would still use NE Quadrant 1/4 Clover-leaf...


The current light at Chick-Fila-A/Best Buy/north of gas station would be shifted (100 yards?)....forming new intersection south of gas station to Super Target...that's two stop lights extremely close to each other


Here is a lil' something I sketched up...


"Red X's" = Existing Stop-lights...the TOP X would be removed & shifted to the...

"Yellow X" = Proposed New Stop Light; Single entrance into Greens at Millerville

"Lime Green" = new West-bound on ramp


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Looks like the westbound on ramp will happen!(see above map) Still waiting for list of tenants for Greens at Millerville...figured car dealership & condo's would be built first. Thanks for liking that Steve & Antrell :thumbsup:


I-12 interchange improvements to clear way for Greens at Millerville groundbreaking

A key infrastructure project that has been holding up the start of construction at the Greens at Millerville—developer Windy Gladney's planned mixed-use development on Interstate 12 and Millerville Road—is set to get under way within the month. After nearly two years, Gladney received permits last week from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to construct a new onramp from Millerville to Interstate 12 to provide better access to the Greens at Millerville and also correct a problem that has plagued the I-12/Millerville interchange for years. "When they built the interchange in the 1970s, they couldn't build the onramp where they needed to because of the golf course," says Gladney. "So they had to do this backwards onramp that loops around and has been the source of many wrecks." Motorists trying to get from Millerville onto I-12 west must first head east then loop around and merge onto the westbound interstate. When Gladney applied for a traffic signal at the entrance to his development, the state stipulated he had to essentially correct the problem with the interchange before he could begin work on his project. Now that he has the state permits, he expects to begin construction on the development before the end of the year. So far, he has signed letters of intent with several retail tenants, including a fitness center and a local auto dealer. He also has an agreement with Alsation Land Company of Kansas City to develop a 320-unit apartment complex. —Stephanie Riegel



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Although this project has begun, is there any chance it gets held up again by the developer's previous partner and bank? I'm hoping this project ramps up and results in being a quality project. I'm excited to see the remainder of those trees come down.


CVS was going to buy all of the Avalon Garden homes but that deal fell through. 

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