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Millerville Development


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Nice to see you stop by Bayou Capitol City....The thread you started is still alive & well! :good:


Hmm...guess only time will tell if the developer hits another snag...for a while thought this project would not ever happen...they seem to be making some good progress now; if they could dodge the afternoon rains...


You can now see where the extra elevated dirt is for the new westbound on ramp to I-12...pretty cool!


Kinda sad to see the trees going down...the old Fairwood CC was like a green oasis & some hawks had nest on the tree tops  + it was fun riding the bike on the old golf cart trails.


Surprising those townhome lots(further north on Millerville Rd) were deep enough to support a CVS...Would they have used the old Avalon clubhouse property as well?

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Looks like the westbound on ramp will happen!(see above map) Still waiting for list of tenants for Greens at Millerville...figured car dealership & condo's would be built first. Thanks for liking that Steve & Antrell :thumbsup:


I-12 interchange improvements to clear way for Greens at Millerville groundbreaking


A key infrastructure project that has been holding up the start of construction at the Greens at Millerville—developer Windy Gladney's planned mixed-use development on Interstate 12 and Millerville Road—is set to get under way within the month. After nearly two years, Gladney received permits last week from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to construct a new onramp from Millerville to Interstate 12 to provide better access to the Greens at Millerville and also correct a problem that has plagued the I-12/Millerville interchange for years. "When they built the interchange in the 1970s, they couldn't build the onramp where they needed to because of the golf course," says Gladney. "So they had to do this backwards onramp that loops around and has been the source of many wrecks." Motorists trying to get from Millerville onto I-12 west must first head east then loop around and merge onto the westbound interstate. When Gladney applied for a traffic signal at the entrance to his development, the state stipulated he had to essentially correct the problem with the interchange before he could begin work on his project. Now that he has the state permits, he expects to begin construction on the development before the end of the year. So far, he has signed letters of intent with several retail tenants, including a fitness center and a local auto dealer. He also has an agreement with Alsation Land Company of Kansas City to develop a 320-unit apartment complex. —Stephanie Riegel




Built in the 1970's??? Is that right? 

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Richyb83, CVS was going to buy the lots and house behind the Avalon Garden homes. 


Is Stirling Properties still planning on putting a bank or something on the vacant lot next to Chili's?


Months back, there was a 'for sale' next to Mattress Firm. I'm not sure if it is still there. 


I wonder if someone will buy the old Capital One bank at Millerville and Old Hammond and redevelop that area. Also, I think that mound of dirt behind Target can only be turned into a subdivision. Can't think of anything else.


I guess time will only tell.

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Good question Bryde... built in the 1970's is not right! Trying to think...was it the late 80's or early 90's??


Oh ok BCC...CVS at that location would have been an interesting set up.


At one time there were talks of some possible office space behind the Super Target/Best Buy...would have said a hotel; but the market is plenty saturated....an extra filing of Hunter's Lake would seem possible...nice houses however virtually no yards w car garages in the front of the house. With land more & more $expensive they try to fit 40 lots*(Hunter's Lake) into what would have been only 25 lots(Avalon) in the 80's


Wonder what kind of retail we see from the Greens at Millerville with Juban Crossing just 6 miles to the east?? Original plans called for a 5 or 6 story hotel but i'm sure those plans were scrapped...

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Greens at Millerville will have an "emergency" gated entrance only on the NW side connecting with the new Lakes at Stronebridge subdivision...


Would have posted a  pic today of the elevated dirt/construction for the new on ramp for I-12...However my camera battery is now zapped and really difficult to locate another one that size(Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc did not have; will try one more place)...or have to use another camera

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Developers have been misleading all along...now TWO auto dealerships to go along w apts...at least there will be the new Westbound On-ramp to I-12


After 43 years on Florida, Richards Honda headed to Greens at Millerville


Richards Honda has inked a deal with developer Windy Gladney to relocate its dealership from 7791 Florida Blvd. to his mixed-use development, the Greens at Millerville, at the intersection of Millerville Road and Interstate 12.


Con Lemoine, general manager for Richards Honda, says no plans or timeline for the construction and move have been finalized. However, he adds that the dealership has been looking for larger space for some time now. “Our current facility has served us well, but after 43 years we’ve outgrown it,” he says. “We’re excited about moving to the I-12 Millerville area.”


Richards Honda likely will not be the only auto dealer at the development. An attorney for the project confirms negotiations are underway with a second local dealership and that a contract should be finalized within days.


Richards Honda is the first commercial establishment announced for the Greens at Millerville, a 56-acre project that was conceived nearly 10 years ago but was delayed after Gladney became embroiled in a lawsuit with his former partner and the bank that helped finance the project.


With the lawsuit now behind him, Gladney has begun work on the infrastructure at the site and has signed a purchase agreement with an unidentified developer to do a multifamily complex on 15 acres. Attorney Brett Furr says commercial retailers are extremely interested in the development, too. “Now that the concrete is on the ground it is blowing and going out there,” Furr says. “We have a hard time even responding to all the inquiries we get on it.”





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I guess some news is better than no news. I have the assumption Richards Mazda or Nissan will be the other local car dealership. I'm certain the subdivisions behind these locations are not too happy. I'm confused why it is taking forever to put down the interstate onramp. I guess a lot of Federal and DOTD red tape. It appears this development will still be a development for the next couple years. 

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So basically that entire area will be empty apart from the Tech Park and a Catholic School? Wow...I say it's time to bring in the investors and bulldozers.

It's depressing how little focus or care the city of Baton Rouge has towards their major corridors. Florida Blvd and Airline look and feel neglected because they are.

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