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New Cowboys Stadium


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In order to pay for the stadium, in November 2004, Arlington voters approved a tax increase to help Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones build the $1 billion stadium in the North Texas city. Voters approved a measure that would raise the city sales tax by a half-cent, hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent. Work at the stadium site, near Ameriquest Field home of the Texas Rangers, began in May 2006 as workers began to excavate the site.

Just found this info while online.

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The vote was for the city of Arlington to pay $325 million which was to be about half the cost of the stadium which was expected to cost $650 million. Most of the money from the city was to go towards land acquisition and infrastructure. Arlington's portion of the stadium funding is capped so Jerry Jones will have to shoulder the increased costs of the now $1 billion stadium.

The walls on each end of the stadium are supposed to slide open. The area inside that (ground level) will be at the top of the lower seating bowl. This area will be used for standing room for Cowboys games, or temporary seating could be brought in for big events to bring seating capacity for the stadium to 100,000.

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looking at the stadium last night, it does look pretty rundown, also they are lacking a lot, with the new jumbotrons and the seating the stadium is well worht it I think. Especially for the time they stayed at the old stadium.

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