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Denham Springs & Livingston Parish


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Hard to believe it's been nearly a year since the last post here....Watson is still not incorporated ; would be curious to see the population number when it is?....Denham Springs (10,000 in the incorporated city limits)  & Walker (6,000?).....that TRIANGLE of growth has to easily over 1/2 Livingston Parish Total population of 140,000.

Range Ave @ I-12 / Bass Pro area is a mess!    The Roundabouts I-12/Walker seem to be working out.....

From country pine forest to sprawling suburb: This parish shows how fast Louisiana can change


010121 Livingston Population growth map


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Livingston needs to improve its infrastructure.   It's not a small rural parish anymore.   Can't act like one.

Narrow two lane roads and clogged old creeks aren't going to meet their needs anymore.    Drainage and road infrastructure is just as important as schools to Livingston parish.

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TRUE Cajun!

This insane 711 lot proposal would quadruple the population of tiny French Settlement ...doesn't sound like this will happen

Talk of a 711-lot subdivision raises alarms in Livingston Parish: 'We have to do something'


Potential plans for a new 711-lot subdivision just outside French Settlement have local and parish officials calling for tougher restrictions on developers — even though a proposal has not been formally submitted.

The French Settlement Board of Aldermen passed a resolution last week formally opposing the "residential subdivision located on Louisiana Highway 444." Aldermen also requested the Livingston Parish Council support a moratorium on new neighborhoods — an option some members have voiced in recent meetings — as local residents have fought back against developments they say would ruin their communities.

Plans for such a subdivision have not been submitted to either the parish planning commission or council, administrators for both said. But several parish council members acknowledged they are aware of a subdivision plan circulating on social media that has led constituents to contact them with their concerns. 

"Is there something out there coming? Oh, yes," said Councilman Gerald McMorris. "Am I opposed to it? Yes."

French Settlement's resolution claims the development would increase flooding, worsen traffic problems and overwhelm schools with an influx of new students, among other fears.

Although the local government has no control over properties located outside the village's corporation limits, the aldermen said it was their responsibility to act “when conditions of irresponsible growth and development adversely affect the health, safety and welfare of the people.”

"There's no way our infrastructure could withstand that amount of growth," said Mayor Haley Unbehagen. 

The resolution names developers D.R. Horton and Chris Ingram of Ascension Properties.

However, Ingram, who has developed at least 10 subdivisions and hundreds of lots since 1989, said he is not selling the property to D.R. Horton.

"That’s a fact," he said. "I have never sold a piece of property to D.R. Horton."

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Finally!   Now you will have a  Denham Springs "By-pass "   to the East connecting I-10 to the Magnolia Bridge & Central! With a Round about at Hwy 190

Juban north extension project begins in Livingston Parish


“It’s going to be a four lane with a grass median. It’s about one mile and it will extend where Juban hits 190. You will cross the overpass, go due North to Lockhart and Burgess,”

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