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Triad - pro Bush, Triangle/CLT - pro Democrat


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I don't understand why NC workers who were laid off due to out sourcing support Bush who was responsible for allowing their jobs to go over there in the first place. It makes no logical sense but I guess political parties are like religion. You support your party leader no matter what. I guess the politicians prefer it that way too. By having their supporters treat them like a god, politicians can just about get away with anything. To bad the people can't see that.

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There's a major flaw in that chart. It was made before President Bush visited Charlotte on April 5th. You can now add 1,500.0 to Charlotte and place Charlotte in the lead for Bush fundraising in NC. Has he been to Raleigh yet? I know there is a fight for Asheville money among those running for state office, even though it's not much. I don't think the President will have a major fundraiser here though. It seems he's working harder than ever to build up a lot of cash this year. Not just in NC, but everywhere. The numbers are up for money given to the Bush campaign.

It would be great to see NC go Kerry this year, but I'm guessing it will go Bush. Georgia and Flordia are the states to watch. They could go Kerry?

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That doesn't suprise me.

In South Carolina:

Greenville & Charleston: Bush

Columbia: Kerry

Greenville & Charleston are very conservative areas.

Columbia is definately alot more liberal.

Each city has an entirely diffrent vibe.

However since Edwards is a native of the Upstate maybe they'll go with him this year. I guess anything is possible?

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