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Nashville replacing Memphis?

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Size: Nashville-Murfreesboro beats Memphis by a country mile. 13 counties as apposed to 8 and not to mention Nashville is shared with Murfreesboro in the name. Memphis is alone, due to the fact it has no real satellite city, which Murfreesboro is, which is why it's Nash-Boro and not Nash. Once a suburb becomes a satellite city and is independent enough, its name is added into the MSA. :wacko:

Population:Nashville-Murfreesboro surpassed Memphis by a little over 100,000 people in the 2000 Census, the 1990 census had Memphis ahead by just under 20,000 , what a difference 10 years make. Not to mention, 5 counties were added to the Nash-Boro MSA then as well. :w00t:

Growth: Nash-Boro beats Memphis down, and I mean down hard, just barely under 13% more growth than Memphis between 1990-2000, 25.1% to 13.9% respectivly. :shok:

It more dumbed down terms, BNA trumps MEM forever now. :yahoo:

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