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Seattle Olympic Park

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I was there on Monday January 15. Couldn't stay long.












The pics aren't great. I had a pass to get in but once I got in I had a call and had to leave after about 20 minutes there. Didn't get to see everything.

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Yeah, I live in Belltown and go down there often. I love the design of the park itself, but so far the sculpture is pretty lame, except for the giant eraser and the huge undulating iron walls. "The Eagle" is totally the wrong color against both the bay and Btown, but on my last visit I noticed the seagulls are gradually painting it gray (they ignore SAM's no-touch rule). I guess SAM will work on better aquisitions for the park now that the main museum's reopened (fabulous!). At least they didn't drag that freakin hammering man into the park, although they should've shoved it into the bay. But maybe he'll check gentrification somewhat (who wants to look out there $2 mill condo to see that monstrosity? And a homeless guy camped out underneath him last summer...

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This was under construction when I lived in Seattle, Belltown is one of those urban neighborhoods that other cities can only dream about having. I still have no clue how SAM was able to secure this land for a park, but with perfect views of the Olympic Mountains, the sound, downtown, and of course the Space Needle. If I am not mistaking a park that is tied into this is named Myrtle Edwards and is the host site for Hemp Fest.

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