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2007 Business Outlook

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2007 looks to be a real great year for Texarkana. The amount of construction underway and planned for the city's infrastructure is sure to affect Texarkana in the short and long term. The highway projects and A&M University project will transform the city in the 21st Century because they are an investment in the future. The new SWEPCO Power Plant, to be completed in 2011, will have a tremendous impact on Texarkana and the 4 states region with a value of $1.4 billion. With all the growth Texarkana has always been an excellent stop off but has now become a destination and hub. Construction will be big in 07. Several large commercial and industrial projects will start in '07. Construction alone will create hundreds of new jobs. Tremendous long term opportunities are possible with the redevelopment of Lone Star and additional worklods at Red RiverAmmunition Plant. Texarkana not only did well in '06 but is forecast to do even better in '07. The loft apartments are nearly completed downtown. Hwy 82 has really grown with 2 apartment complexes, banks and additional tenants to 2 new shopping centers. However, the place to watch for big development is the I-30 corridor from Stateline to Loop 245. There will be a lot of construction going on with the Sportsplex/Arena/Civic Center, a new major north south road in the area and a lot of construction in Trinity Square. A section of the North Loop Freeway will pass close by as well. Downtown is anticipating growth as well. More has happened in 2006 than in the last 15 years. A bakery, sports bar and a business that specializes in gourmet olive oils will be moving in. The whole 200 block of Broad Street on the Texas side will be purchased and moved forward including another loft project. A catering business will be moving in as well. All of the proposed and recent business additions are starting to create a distinct district. Job growth and household formation are on track to support a major turnaround in the housing industry. The Texarkana MSA created 1,000 jobs last year. Not only is Texarkana expecting big growth but towns and counties in the Texarkana area will see gains as well. Nash, a suburb of Texarkana is right in the path of growth and is expected to grow right a long with Texarkana. Read more at http://www.texarkanagazette.com/articles/2.../business01.txt

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