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[Lexington] Hopes for 'green' buildings are riding on Equestrian Games


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"Kentucky, where energy is cheap and environmental issues get little traction, lags behind most of the nation in moving toward so-called green buildings.

But state officials and others say they are trying to catch up, and they're eyeing the 2010 World Equestrian Games as an opportunity to encourage environmentally friendly new construction."

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I hate to sound cynical, but this article said state officials are "hoping" for these green buildings, but the author failed to interview one state official on any proposed buildings for the FEI games. I'm all for green building, and I think it would be great, but the reality of the situation is that if the state is going to be involved, go ahead and forget about it. They are going to take the cheapest route possible.

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City needs to turn green for equestrian games

Key --

1. Recycle more! I began recycling several months ago by collecting newspapers/papers and plastic items into a plastic tub to take to a central site for depositing. Apparently, downtown residents do not get the luxury of recycling as easily (no curb side pickup)...

2. Use less electricity!

3. Increase public transportation.

4. Increase green energy policies.

Her suggestions include --

1. More public transit that runs on bio-diesel. (This has been successfully done in Cincinnati and saves the city a _lot_ of money -- plus it is cleaner!)

2. More bike lanes.

3. Reduced registration fees for hybrid vehicles.

4. Having to pay for each one of those plastic grocery bags we use. (This I wholly support. Reusable cloth bags hold more, are more durable, and environmentally friendly. Places like Krogers (at least in the inner-city locations), feature plastic bag returns.

Article information: "City needs to turn green for equestrian games, By A.C. Hall, Wed, Mar. 28, 2007"

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