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KCI renovation nearing completion

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From the Business Journal:


2:34 PM CDT Tuesday

KCI nears completion of renovation

Kansas City International Airport will open the final phase of its renovated Terminal A on Wednesday, the Kansas City Aviation Department said.


Midwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines will move to Gates 23-29 and Frontier to Gate 21 in Terminal A overnight Tuesday, department spokesman Joe McBride said Tuesday.

The final phase of renovation in Terminal C will be completed April 13 when American Airlines' baggage claim will be moved to the newly renovated space.

After more than three years renovations on the $258 million project, one part of Terminal B remains under construction, in space that formerly housed Southwest Airlines, McBride said. That phase of the project is scheduled for completion in the winter, when Southwest Airlines will return to the space in Terminal B.

"With two of the three terminals finished, the project seems nearly complete, and we're excited that we've come this far and that the terminals look as good as they do," McBride said. "For the most part, customer feedback has been good. We're pleased to have improved the welcome mat of Kansas City that is KCI Airport."

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