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A Consolidated GR and Kent Co.


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I'm curious of what a consolidated GR and Kent Co. would have on the City, Metro, and Region. I know as sure as the sun shines that surrounding charter twps. would balk at the idea. So there is no need to state the obvious. But let's just suspend that fact and pretend that at some point in time GR and KC did consolidate into a city/county in a similar fashion as Indianapolis, IN or Louisville, KY. Would consolidation help the City, Metro and Region or hurt it in turms of economy, political influence in the state capital, ability to pull in big time developments, dealing with spawl, in short being a thriving city and region?

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While i'm certainly not the expert, bey even the smallest measure. Larger municipalities mean more funding on all levels. Certainly giving GR that many people, would make more take note of how large it really is. But as you said, there is no need to state the obvious.

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