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Icons of Columbia


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I'm sure there are many others, but I can only think of the historic State House that I believe was under construction when Sherman's Army burned Columbia near the end of the War Between the States (1861-64)...

Also, I read somewhere that Columbia's boulevards were built very wide because it was too far for mosquitoes to travel or something like that...



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I'd say the Southtrust building is more of an icon in that sense than the palmetto buliding, simply becasue it is the tallest. I also agree that USC doesn't have an 'iconic' presence to the average visitor, though they are likely to stumble accross it as they go around town. I'd say that Longstreet Theater cand Capstone should be on the list, however.

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To me, icons of Columbia are things that would be painted in a caricature of the city. Wide, tree-lined boulevards draped over a gently rolling terrain come to mind, as well as the palmetto tree, the capitol with its dome and huge columns, the Congaree River, Williams-Brice stadium, the Colonial Center and the charming, well balanced downtown skyline. These are just off the top of my head.

Second tier would be things like the Capitol Centre itself, with its simplistic design; the color green in many shades ranging from the green barely detected in the Capitol Centre, to the capitol dome when it is completely oxidized, to the green hues in the Meridian building, to the future domes on the Greek Orthodox cathedral on Main, to the tree canopy; and mill buildings.

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My two cents, that one being a out of towner what we view as iconic of Columbia

Finaly Park Fountain


Capital Dome


Skyline from I-77


Williams Brice-funny side note when I was little i was always told Carolina played here and I only knew of the Carolina Panthers so I use to think the Panthers were Columbia's team


Gervis Street Bridge


Capstone House


Old Carolina Colisuem and the massive steps on the Blossom Street side.


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