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IC Returns to Atlanta!

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IC Returns to Atlanta!

I went to Atlanta last week to go ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park (had a great time, too!). Before doing that, the group I was with (a church group) decided to stop at the Varsity for dinner. I managed to excuse myself from them for a few moments to take a couple pictures as dusk was fading into night. Some of these turned out great, as there was still enough light to expose everything but not enough to overexpose it.

So, here it goes!

The Varsity and the Skyline


..........This time a little more zoomed in on The Varsity.


The Downtown Connector

..........This one has been resized because it did not expose properly (but it was still good enough to keep).


Zooming Down the Highway


The Midtown Skyline



One Atlantic Center


1180 Peachtree--One Symphony Center

...........And the wings were lit up, too!


Bank of America Plaza


The Downtown Skyline


The Westin Peachtree


191 Peachtree

............I'm guessing the large dark section here is the unoccupied part. Whatever it was, it doesn't do much to make the picture look good.


SunTrust Plaza



And there you have it! What do you guys think?

Keep a lookout for my pics from my trip to the GA State Capitol. I took the trip back in July, but I am just now uploading the photos.

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