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Arizona Architecture

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In a state awash with $500k beige homes, drug stores, and fast food joints, you'd never know that we had culturally significant architecture. Colin don't beat me for this, but I got a book about Landmark Arizona buildings, and I really never knew. Could you all tell me more about places like Talesin, and the Biltmore. I'd like to do a photo montage of the old Phoenix City hall, and the Pima County Court house, there are so many, you'd think that AZ would be more well known for it's buildings.

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The two you mention in the Phoenix area (Biltmore Resort and Taleisin West) are both Frank Lloyd Wright designs. He did quite a bit of work in Phoenix, although I've never really been sure why, but he has a great amount of admiration in this state among architects. Almost legendary at times.

Found this on Google:


And this:


I think that Arizona is interesting because of its Southwestern-Mexican-American blend of architecture. When people have actually taken the time to design something beautiful and have not been afraid of it not fitting in or wanted something iconic, architects here have done very well. I mean, compare Old Bisbee with the old barrio style in Tucson, the heavily Midwestern Prescott and the very 60's Sun City stuff. I even like our dingbats and tacky neon 70's stripmall marquees. So much of it spells Americana while other bits are so Native American or Spanish influenced.

So, yeah, there is great stuff here and it usually doesn't get a ton of recognition outside of the state or the Frank Lloyd Wright circles.

Just a thought.

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