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Profs, pilots top local wage survey


University professors and airline pilots are the highest-paid workers in Greater Cincinnati on an hourly basis, while waiters and waitresses are the lowest-paid, according to a survey released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Professors make $55.63 an hour, more than three times the average Cincinnati worker's pay of $17.92. Waiters and waitresses average $2.81 an hour, not including tips.

Cincinnati wages are about average nationally, said Ronald Guzicki, a BLS economist. The bureau released wage surveys for 14 U.S. cities Tuesday and rated Cincinnati comparable with Kansas City, Milwaukee and Portland, Ore., but below Chicago and Boston.

Being average is OK, "if the average is high enough, but what we're seeing is it's getting lower and lower," said Dan Radford, executive secretary/treasurer of the Cincinnati AFL-CIO.

Also near the top of the wage scale: marketing, advertising and public relations managers, pharamacists and physicians.

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I did not know that teachers at universities made so much money. Same with pilots. I can tell you one thing though...the IT field has a lot to yearn for right now in terms of salaries and wages...for what hell IT managers go through we ought to get paid a little better on average, LOL!

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