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Ironton, Ohio: Transitions

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Also see this thread. An extensive write up on Abandoned will be coming in the near future. To put it simply, Ironton is at a crossroads, in transition from a heavy industry-based economy to one on services and light manufacturing. It'll be interesting to see this Ohio River town in another 20 years.

The remainder of the photographs can be seen here and here here. Nearly every image contains commentary of sorts. Enjoy!

1. Toro Loco: In 2004, this depreciated corner building was purchased and converted into the Toro Loco restaurant. Until late 2006, it stood as a monument to Ironton's troubled present; a lack of employment and industry has contributed to many ills in the city. The owners have insisted on renovating the structure instead of letting it decay. A fresh coat of paint was applied, breathing new life into this vital corner piece of downtown Ironton. Additional renovations are taking place on the inside.


2. Toro Loco


3. Ugly


4. Lawrence County Courthouse


5. St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic


6. First United Methodist Church


7. First Presbyterian


8. Memorial Hall


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