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So my buddies birthday is Saturday and his father calls me and says, "Hey, we are going out to dinner and I want you to bring all of your friends to a place like Jillians and we will surprise him tonight." So I called Jillians and they are closed for a private party. So here's the deal, I need a place/bar that has food and pool tables and darts if possible. Everyone is of drinking age, however my buddies folks don't really drink, so something Jillians like where we have the option. Any ideas????

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Well, I consider it a success, it is now 1:00p.m. and I am just getting up. Everything worked out perfectly other than my buddies family showing up fashionably late (an hour to be exact), so everyone was kinda saucy by the time they got there. But everything turned out well - oh and Cosmos was packed! You couldn't get to the bar for a drink; we ended up going to RiRa's it was so crazy.

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