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Old Colony Bank Building


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Downtown Pawtucket needs something like this badly. It would be great to see a quality bakery or restaurant go in down there, even better if its a culinary school.

A friend of mine just bought a building downtown and is putting in a full recording studio and performance space/gallery and talking about a cafe as well..

Has anyone heard any thing lately about the Pawtucket - Central Falls train station debacle? Last I heard the people living right near it were all for a cvs in that area. Shortsighted sprawl lovers are everywhere.

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This is really a shame, but it speaks a lot more to credit contraction than the delays in a 110/W announcement.

Given the amount of money that he was willing to put up of his own, and the fact that the bank wanted so much collateral, I have to think that his business plan was highly speculative, and I have to assume that the fate of the Madhouse Cafe didn't help anything.

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Developer tapped for Old Colony building. The former Old Colony Bank building at 347 Main St. just west of Park Place, shuttered for more than a decade, will be redeveloped for an architect's office and other uses following bid selection Tuesday by the Pawtucket Redevelopment Agency. http://www.pawtuckettimes.com/site/news.cf...24491&rfi=6

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