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[Louisville] Building projects go green


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Building projects go green

Eco-friendly construction starts taking hold in Louisville

"The 111-year-old former warehouse that Gill Holland and his wife are renovating on East Market Street is a drafty, gutted building clearly showing its age.

Wind sneaks in through cracks in brick walls. A sloping roof outside a second-floor doorway is too precarious to walk on.


ut Holland envisions big changes over the next two years that will transform the building into offices, meeting rooms and possibly a coffee shop.

It's a makeover with an environmental twist -- the roof will be blanketed in grass to reduce rainwater runoff and energy use, and solar cells will convert the sun's rays into enough electricity to potentially supply all the building's power."

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A new recycling center will be constructed in Louisville. It will be unique in that it will accept a wide range of materials, ranging from paper to metal, in an indoor, modern facility. They are expecting to ship out 10 to 12 rail cars per day, that would otherwise end up in landfills!

Kudos :thumbsup:

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