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First Night Hartford

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MadVlad    1

The City of Hartford has just awakened, alive again after all these years. As it awakens, it realizes it's New Years time and it too must make some resolutions. Most people say things like: "I'll get in shape", "I'll keep to my diet", "I'll spend less money", or "I'll try to be a better person". Hartford, being a City, would like to get in shape too. What resolution could the City of Hartford make to better itself for the upcoming year?

I, the City of Hartford, do hereby make the following New Years Resolution: I will try to initiate some sort of financial package to keep our great business' in the City and try to lure more business' here.

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robm324    0

So, I was in Hartford for the First Night activities starting at around 3pm or so and I wanted to comment on how great a night this was for the city in general...from my point of view. My girlfriend and I did about 5 or 6 first night activities, had dinner at City Steam, and finished the night with the fireworks, and both of us had a great time. All of the restaurants looked packed, City Steam definitely was. Also, all the events we went to were very well attended, so all in all it looked like the night was a success.

It was great for me, because I saw the inside of a few buildings I have never been in before like City Stage and the auditorium in the Capitol City Community College. There were tons of families with young children all over the place, but I would say the programmers did a good job of finding activities that catered to a variety of ages since my girlfriend and I, in our early to mid 20s, were able to enjoy the festivities.

I wish I had the ability to take a few professional photographs, because a picture perfect moment was the fireworks reflecting off of the glass on the Goodwin Tower.

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