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Clarksville revisited

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Visited Clarksville on Thursday, Dec.28 and spent part of the afternoon taking some new photos mostly downtown. Some of my favorites are below. I hope you enjoy them.

The steel is going up for the new hospital located in the St. Bethlehem area of Clarksville. It is visible from I-24 as one nears Exit 4.


The nearly completed FM Bank Building rises beyond a Police Memorial at the Clarksville Dept. of Police HQ.


View of the Montgomery County Courthouse as seen from one of the upper floors of the fairly new County Courts Bldg. adjacent to the Courthouse.


Interior views of the County Courts Bldg. The structure is only a few year's old and displays one of the more splendid interior spaces to be found in Clarksville built in recent years, IMO.




Partial view of downtown as seen from the Emerald Hill Historic District.


I love this little building and it is one of my favorites built in the post '99 tornado aftermath. It fits in very nicely with the late 19th century architecture of Franklin Street.


The charm and allure of Franklin Street.


Shoppers make their way among the boutiques, shops and eateries along Franklin Street.


Better behave or you're going in the pokey!


The Royal York apartments not looking so "royal" these days. The story is that when it was first built as a Hotel, people would cruise around the Hotel and young women would throw their panties down on the cars below.


Student Activity Center nearly completed on campus of Austin Peay.



Some steep hills can be found in the downtown area.


A few pedestrians seem to be making their way to the Museum just beyond.


The old architecture around Franklin Street is stunning in places. Some of the new buildings being erected are quite nice. However, the attention is still always turned toward Montgomery County's finest public structure - the old Courthouse.


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The city was supposed to overhaul Legion Street, making it more pedestrian friendly and not such an eyesore. I would have to check on where they are with that.

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