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Baton Rouge Restaurants

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Well since you know it all, give me some close by examples. Nevermind, if you did know it all we wouldn't be having this discussion. Carry on. I apologize people, I forgot who I was talking to.

Lol, a whole half a page about a rhetorical comment.

I hope they didn't bet the house on it. I just don't see Boutin's doing well in that location. Maybe if the airport was WAY larger....but it isn't. Anything on Perkins between Park and Co

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Whatever happened to Chalet Brandt? I suppose it's gone now, but it used to be a terrific restaurant.

Don't know the history behind Chalet Brandt. Never had a chance to eat there.

Have you guys been to Byronz on Government between Jefferson and Foster? The food is good and they have a nice patio to eat out side on nice fall and spring afternoons.

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Nice topic Byrde :thumbsup:

I know that is a lot, but I BR has a lot of good restaurants.

You are sure right, there are alot of good restaurants in Baton Rouge; definetly no shortage.

Buddy's seafood; Carrabbas; Portobello's; Semolina's; Olive Garden; Times Grill; Brewbachers; Wing Stop; Raising Cane's....is that enough??

Chicago's on Government Street was a nice upscale restuarant that recently closed.

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I knew I forgot one. Been to DeAngelo's more than anywhere else besides Subway :lol: DeAngelo's started in Baton Rouge and has expanded into places like Gulf Shores AL, and in Colorado too. That homemade pizza with extra tomato sauce is hard to beat!

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I like Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro, Rotolo's on Coursey, and Parrain's.

I'd like to see the Texas Pappa places here, Pappasito's especially.

Parrain's is another good one. I'm not a big fan of Mexican food, but for those that like it, you can't go wrong with Pappasito's.

I know you LOVE that Creme Caramel, no whip cream. Add a praline on top. ;)

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