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2007 projects to complete

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The Herald-Journal has an article about all of the big projects around town that have been starts, but haven't been finished yet. If half of these are completed, then 2007 willl be a great year for Spartanburg.

  • Resolving the Marriott at Renaissance Park financing situation.

  • Construction of the south-side grocery store and retail project.

  • Completion and beginning implementation of the downtown master plan.

  • Completion and implementation of the Parks and Recreation master plan.

  • Completion of the Chapman Cultural Center.

  • Creation of a plan for the Renaissance Park tract, particularly the part adjoining the Cultural Center.

  • Creating a specific plan for rebuilding Spartanburg Memorial Airport and funding that plan.

  • Creating a dialogue on cooperating with the county and other entities, possibly to include partnering on a new City Hall.

  • Finalizing plans, requesting proposals and beginning work to remediate the Arkwright dump.

  • The skate park.

  • Renovation of the DuPre House.

  • The Carlisle Street revitalization. (Hampton Heights)

  • The HOPE VI project.

  • The Garner Road culvert.

  • Shrinking, slowing and beautifying East Main Street.

  • Renovating the C.C. Woodson Recreation Center.

  • Completing way finding and signage improvements in the city.

My comments:

I'm sick of plans for the Renaissance Park project. I want to see action!

What is the issue surrounding the Garner Rd culvert? This is the first I've heard of it. I assume this is the Chinqupin Creek culvert they are referring to?

What are they doing to the airport? Is this the new terminal that they were talking about a few months ago?

I am excited that the road diet for East Main and the wayfinding signs will be implement or at least started this year. I wasn't expecting either until at least 2008.

The article also mentions the Lan-Yair project, which means that it isn't dead!

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I speculated on what the DuPre House would look like after it is renovated. (Photoshop) ;-)

Fixed some windows, the porch, removed scrap wood, fixed some shingles (best i could), filled in missing bricks, etc...

Please, no 'too much time on your hands' comments. It sorta goes w/o saying, ya know? Nah, I just enjoy doing this sort of thing every once in a while. hehe





(Higher Rez photos available here)

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For those of you wanting a look inside the Dupre house, there is an excellent slide show today in the online HJ. Click on the link below to hear Kristi Webb talk about the plans for the house.


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Very nice slideshow! I didn't realize the House looked as good as it did back in '98. I guess the move sorta revealed the condition of the house. No way around that though. You can't move something that big without shaking it up, and you can't shake something that old up without speeding up the damage. That being said, I think the movers did an awesome job. Man, I wish I could've seen it too. I guess I wasn't watching the news that year. ;-)

I love the photo of it crossing the railroad! :D

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Agreed. It certainly looks like someone had a rock-throwing-window-smashing competition. <_<

I re-read my earlier post and thought it was poorly worded. It implied that the move itself caused damage to the house. What I meant was that there were parts of the house that were just ready to go, and all it needed was a nudge. That's what I meant in saying 'the move revealed the condition of the house'.

For example, the porch looked fine @ timestamp [2:44 remaining]. But during the move you could see the porch starting to sag a little on the left side. Timestamp [2:15 remaining]. That's certainly not the movers fault. They had it braced up and secure like Fort Knox. It was just a deterioration waiting to happen. A bird landing on it could've easily caused it to start its sag-fest.

There's probably other places like that on the house that are just waiting to collapse that didn't because of the excellent job by the movers. :thumbsup:

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