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Hospital Architecture

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The other day when I went to one of the local hospitals to see my dad after surgery, I took note of the number of different additions and how each one had a different style and how they came together to form a very unique structure.

This isn't a very good pic, but here's the hospital in question, the old Saginaw General, now Covenant Harrison


So if you have pics of any interesting hospitals, post them here!

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Awesome thread!

Here's the most unique hospital I know....West Hospital, a part of the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond...



The smaller building in the immediate front of the photo is the old nursing school, which is now demolished.

I'm sure Cadeho when he finds this thread can tell much more about it :lol:

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Jersey City, NJ - The collection of towers in the center is the former Jersey City Medical Center complex. Its replacement is Wilzig Hospital, the *single* white building to the far right.


This is a closer view of this former hospital complex. HUGE. It's being slowly converted to condos, under the name The Beacon.


Wilzig Hospital is far less inspiring than its predecessor. But I helped work on this project, so...

*clears throat*

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Here is the massive Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center here in Winston-Salem. Every 2-3 years a new addition is added on. The current proposal is to add 3 9-storey identical buildings that will be built for future expansion on top. Here are some photos:





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I just happened to take a photo of our new Children's Hospital here in Charlotte today. A park system/creek-greenway passes by this hospital, and this photo is taken from a bicycle on the path at the edge of the water. I hadn't planned to photograph the hospital, but here you go anyway. As I think about it, the decision to connect the outside of the hospital with the natural greenway and creek would be very calming if I were to be worried about anyone who may be inside the hospital. It's a nice touch.


those are prizm cutouts that reflect the sun btw.

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Two hospitals in the downtown(I think ones a medical center though..) are made up of mostly turn of the century structures(art deco, classic, italian revival, etc) instead of replacing them we just kind of added onto them(even in the 1930's).

Heres a picture of one in the Old Northside(its made up of several turn of the century structures.)


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