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Moving to Greenville


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Hi everybody. My name is Tara, and my husband and I are planning on moving to the Greenville area after we're done with our terms in the Air Force. We are both currently Weather Forecasters for the USAF, and were wondering if there might be any jobs out there that we could use this experience in? He also has worked for Bank of America, and I worked for Raytheon, so if there aren't any weather type jobs there, we could always fall back on those.

Also, where is a good area to buy a home, as far as development? The last few times we've been up there (we live in AZ, his parents live in Simpsonville) we've seen that Greenville is developing nicely in the commerce areas, but we're not sure which residential areas are developing as well.

Sorry for all the talking! Thank you in advance for your answers!


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