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Charleston Photo of the Day

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Crossing the Ravenel bridge day or night is beautiful. this week. 

Miscellaneous photos of Charleston today.  From Mt Pleasant and downtown and the Ravenel Bridge. 

Various city shots today including the Ravenel  Bridge. 

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$10 says no matter where my career will take me, where my family will take me, where my life will take me, I'll end up in Charleston at the end of it all. Such a beautiful city, thanks for all the pictures! You guys have captured its charm and more!

RestedTraveler--You HAVE to visit Richmond! If you like Charleston and Greenville you'd love Richmond; photograph the heck out of it, too! :D

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That is a magnificent photo, RT! Aside from the photographer in the scene, this is an award winning photo, in my opinion.

Thanks, Skyliner! I had a few without people in the composition, but you just couldn't quite get a good sense of the scale of this tree without them. I elected to go with this one for that very reason. It's amazing how small that huge tree can look. :lol:


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You guys know me ... where I go so go my cameras. I'm finding new inspiration down here, so I'm sure you'll see plenty more from me! :yahoo:

Charleston's full of things that are old and beautiful, but here's something that's new - a scene from the Market at Oakland in Mount Pleasant (out past 41):


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And, it's great to see some activity in the Charleston section! Keep up the good work.

If RT and Ondrovic were to start competing to see who could post the most beautiful Low Country photos, it would be a sight to see!

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Did you see the creepy doll things hanging around? That is a weird park, but the location is pretty cool.

I saw a lot of "interesting" sculpture in that park. It's definitely eclectic in that regard. It is an awesome location ... if the Noisette Creek Project ever goes ahead full steam, that area's going to be awesome (and I'm fortunate enough to work right in the middle of it all).

RT, that shot from the 7th is simply astounding. Wow. I enjoyed your Greenville photos, but you're truly outdoing yourself in Charleston.

Thanks, krazeeboi! I was hoping to get into Charleston proper this weekend, but I've got to head back to Greenville to take care of some things there since our house is now under contract. Hope you enjoyed those Greenville photos ... they're likely going to be a thing of the past before too long.

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Thanks, guys!

Went over to Shem Creek after work this evening...one of my favorite areas here in Mount Pleasant, without a doubt. I stood on the bridge over Shem Creek and soaked in the atmosphere - people dining at the restaurants along the creek; the shrimp boats parked at their docks; a girl standing on a surf board, paddling toward Charleston Harbor; the porpoises/dolphins playing in the creek; the seagulls in competition for whatever they could scrounge up; the pelicans sitting and taking it all in along with me.


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