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Charleston Photo of the Day


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Zahc, what a fabulous townhouse! :wub: The ones going up in Charleston are not at all hip, modern, or progressive like this. I wish we COULD get those modern buildings built here in S.C., but it'll never happen because our developers are wusses when it comes to such bold designs. Wow, imagine such designs in new developments like Canalside in Columbia, or The Neck in Charleston, or Noisette in N. Chas. I think the latter especially could get away with it since so many of the '40s and '50s-era buildings there are being preserved and re-used as artists' lofts, etc. there. Heck, even Myrtle Beach could have these in abundance! Thanks for posting that pic--maybe an innovative developer here will see it and get inspired to ramp up the S.C. housing landscape a little . . .

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Clemson's graduate school of automotive engineering is as bold as I've seen in South Carolina. I'd like to see more of it, too!

Great pictures everyone.

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Well, the new Hilton on upper King will be 8 stories, if I'm not mistaken--the same number of floors as this building. So hey, that's a start.

Keeping in with the spirit of height, here's today's contribution:

Great pic of the Francis Marion Hotel! Actually, the new Hilton is supposed to be 9 stories, according to the P & C.

Also, cool pic of the newer Marion Square fountain.

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^ Great shot. And really weird, I can now see the colored store fronts you posted earlier. :huh: Those store fronts are actually on what is known as Vendue Range right before you get to Waterfront Park. After you cross East Bay Street going away from the park, then it becomes Queen Street. As for the pic above, I think that's a Meeting Street intersection?

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