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For those not familiar with Pontiac, Woodward Avenue loops around the city like a giant moat separating it from the rest of the city. Until the sixties, the south end of town was known for its large theaters as the Clinton River snaked its way through the south end of town. In the 1960's, most of the south end was torn down and is now the Lot 9 parking lot and the Phoenix Center Amphitheater/Parking Garage. The Clinton River was straightened out and buried underground running through pipes.

Most of the renderings I have are at another computer and I'll upload them Monday.

The below picture is what is proposed for Lot 9 and for Woodward Avenue. The one-way southbound loop of Woodward would be converted to a two-way boulevard running along the west side of the city. Eventually this boulevard will meet up with Oakland Ave./Dixie Highway.

Lot 9 will house a new city hall and library as well as some mixed-use commerical buildings.

The Clinton River (not in this view) will be re-opened on the east side of Pontiac. The current one-way northbound Woodward Avenue will become something like a Clinton River Parkway, with office and residential buildings running along the river (pictures coming Monday) as well as a walkpath.

It's unclear where the money will be coming from for this financially strapped city. I imagine the presentation was a way to garner support. The city hall idea was bantered about a few years ago before they got into so much debt and it looked like they were going to get a large sum for the sale of the silverdome.

New Look for lot 9 with closeup of proposed City Hall.


Proposed changes to Woodward Avenue and the Re-opening of the Clinton River:


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Now that the Pontiac West Assembly plant is all but a parking lot now, I'm going to start a project in spring.

A few of the automotive plants from a hundred years ago that were bought up to become part of General Motors are still standing. These include the Standard Motors and the Oakland Motor headquarters buildings. I'm going to go around and snap some shots while the buildings are still around.

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The Historic Wayne Theatre in downtown Wayne could be demolished in April. It opened in 1926, a huge fire in 1985 cause about a million dollars worth of damage and it hasn't opened since. There has been much effort to raise money to save it.




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The Montgomery Ward Building in East Dearborn. Montgomery Ward closed its doors in 2001 and the city bought it in 2005. There has been several proposals for what to do with it including making it the headquartars of an unnamed company which would bring 500 employees.


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