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Winston-Salem's 'Lucky 32' To Close


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That's a shame, they are good restaurants, though if they cite closing due to competition then that would imply that they are not competing well on some level. My guess that would be price more so than quality but haven't personally eaten at the WS location. If only they could hold out a few more years when WS grows enough to handle the saturation, but not many businesses can do that.

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Dennis Quaintance, the owner of Lucky 32 is still keeping the Greensboro location open. btw Dennis Quaintance is also the owner of The O'Henry and Proximity Hotels.

I think Lucky 32 would work real well in downtown Winston-Salem.

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I think it depends on the category you put them in. To me Lucky32's is basically an American cuisine type of place in the same category as Applebees and such places, except it has true chefs and much better food. Green Valley grill is aspiring to a more upscale grouping, to which I personally feel it is substandard. Certain of their dishes are excellent, but several are not.

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