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Happy new year


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At first glance it's sort of nice - and easily better than the blue/orange version we've had the past few years. Still, there are several issues for me:

"spectacular peninsula" ??? That is a spectacularly awful slogan. Furthermore, the text is cursive (?!) and WAY too small - watch for a sharp rise in accidents caused by out-of-state drivers trying to read our plates

The outline of the state is very small in the center - I understand why - but this merely contributes more to the rise in accidents

The skyline at the top appears to include forests, the Detroit RenCen and the GR skyline. It's nice to have west MI included for a change, but again it's awful small... I do like the smaller more elegant bridge.

Bottom line for me? I like the colors and the fact that it isn't the old plate - - but it's trying to do an awful lot of different things in a very small space. Guess I'll have to remain a fan of the good 'ol blue/white "great lake state" plates. Maybe it will grow on me once I see a few in real life context...

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