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New 86 acre project in Rutherford


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300 apartments but no condos or homes. Are there any condo projects in that area?

There are many townhomes already aroud that area, but I suspect the condominiums will sprout up eventually. I think that's what was mentioned for the new exit at Rocky Fork Road. I listened to the Smyrna planning commission and they mentioned once the road becomes an exit, it most likely will be home to upscale housing and condos that are currently lacking in the area.

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I drive that way pretty often when I go to Sam Ridley from Ingram Blvd. I noticed that huge expanse of land that looked like it had just been nuked. Hard to believe the changes out there in the past few years and it's only getting started. It'll be handy for me because I can hit Target, Home Depot and Lowes all before hitting the highway home.

I'm eternally grateful I live in Nashville, and even more eternally grateful not to have all that around where I live, but we are at least finally getting our little Inglewood Home Depot (and I hear it'll be all brick and cool looking). Nothing else big, please, but at least that's someplace I want.

I can't keep up with Rutherford anymore. Even though I used to live there, it's a foreign place to me now. And in a couple of more years, holy moly.

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This is from the NBJ and is notthe full article.


The highlights are:

Location: Sam Ridley Parkway & I-24

Size: 86 acres

Components: Retail & Residential including a Super Target, Three mid box size stores and a Department Store

The company heading up this development, Colonial Properties Trust, completed a similar project in the Turkey Creek area of Knoxville. As for the detparment store, I would assume it'll probably be a Belk.

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Kohl's, Super Target, Ross, and the movie theater are under contract. Meanwhile on the other end of Sam Ridley, another project about the same size is under construction, too. Possible tenants for Smyrna Commons include Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Dillard's.

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