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Governor Granholm Inaugural Service in GR


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She is some savior alright.

Thanks to WZZM for this article on their website. Somehow the Grand Rapids Press and WOOD TV missed it or felt it was not "news" worthy.


Detroit, Flint have nation's worst job losses in 2006


Created: 1/5/2007 7:18:27 AM

Updated: 1/5/2007 7:23:06 AM

ST. LOUIS (AP) - The Detroit area lost more than 26,000 jobs over a recent year-long period, the worst total in the nation.

The results are from a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

The study shows about 300 metropolitan areas gained jobs in a one-year period ending in November.

Six of the areas were unchanged and 60 saw decreases.

The St. Louis area, including suburbs in Missouri and Illinois, came in second. It lost 3,300 jobs.

Flint, Michigan, came in third with 3,100 people thrown out of work.

Web Editor: Chris Zoladz, Associate Producer





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You guys must be new to Chris Matthews (who I watch religiously, no pun intended), because he's been swooning over Granholm's "old time, movie star looks" ever since she was first elected. It's funny to watch him whenever Michigan politics gets brought up on his show or when he's covering national events because he looses his mind when he's talking about Gholm's. lol

As a G-holm fan, I find ANY preacher calling a politician an instrument of God disturbing, being it Pat Robertson falling all over his self to proclaim Bush God's hand-picked choice for the United States, or this disturbing hyperbole being dumped on Granholm by these preacher.

BTW, I hope some of us can drop the economy thing, already. It has no relevence in this particular discussion.

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I have to say it was funnier watching it live while he said it. I was flipping between MSNBC and WOOD because WOOD had a tendency to go split screen in a goofy way that bothered me so MSNBC kept is one screen.

But when I heard Matthews say that, I swear you could hear Keith Olbermann swallow his stomach :P

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He said something?? I misunderstood that it was all eyeballing and body english, so to speak (type).

Soooo....what did he say? "This bodacious babe is the one in charge of the state government"? "Michigan sure re-elected a hottie"? "Dang I wish I were the First Gent"? "I'd love to get my mitten on her"?

(The Freep pointed out that this was at the president's funeral, and not at a boyz in da bar type of deal.)

ETA: thought up one that only us-know-Michigan-like-the-back-of-our-left-handers would follow

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Something along the lines of your first sentence there.

IIRC It was "... They say politics is Hollywood for ugly people, but you wouldn't know it if you met Jennifer Granholm. Shes one of the few governors with Hollywood good looks, and the brains to match. Wouldn't you agree Keith?" *Olbermann clears his throat* "Well whatever Keith, Michigan is truly blessed to have such a gorgeous woman leading it."

I guess he had to fill some airtime while we waited for Betty at Grace Episcopal.

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some of the finer points:

Michigan ended 2006 with a higher unemployment rate than it began the year with, widening the gap between the state's lagging economy and the nation's prosperity.

The December jobless rate for Michigan rose two-tenths of a percentage point to 7.1%, compared to a national rate of 4.5%.

With the state's jobless rate climbing from November's 6.9% rate back above 7%, the contrast to the nation's prosperity is hard to miss. "The dismal year-end results underline how bad Michigan's economic situation really is," Patrick Anderson, a Lansing-based economic consultant, said Wednesday.

By any measure, the contrast between the state and the nationwide jobless picture seemed to grow more stark. Steve Morris, a broker with the office-leasing firm GVA Strategis in Southfield, recalled this week that recently he attended a national conference where brokers from across the nation were celebrating another upbeat year for office leasing in 2006.

Morris said the main speaker told the gathering, " 'Guys, it's not always going to be this good.' " Morris said he sat in the audience thinking about the sluggish metro Detroit office market, where vacancies run well above the national average, and said to himself, " 'What about me?' "

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The D3 are beginning to move away from truck-based vehicles, and are now finally kicking it into gear with what the consumer wants (smaller efficient cars). This should increase employment as the corrections are made. Also don't forget the housing industry took a big big hit as well. This also displaced a ton of jobs. The housing bubble is causing more then just a short term blip, but possibly a recession in this industry, and housing companies are going to have to react to a changing climate.

I have a gut feeling suburban housing is at its peak right now, and is headed increasingly downward. The housing industry, expecially the wood-based housing industry needs to adapt to multi-unit housing NOW, or the McMansion suppliers will be out of work.

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