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Late-night eats

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I have heard it said that there aren't enough restaurants in the city that are open late at night. So I thought it might be useful if we all listed the places we know of that are open late (meaning still open when the bars close). We could also discuss whether or not there really is a shortage of late-night eating opportunities, and if so why.

My list:

Ritter's Diner (Shadyside/Bloomfield)

Jo Jo's (Strip District)

Tom's Diner (South Side)

King's (Waterworks mall)

Eat n Park (Squirrel Hill)

Eat n Park (Waterfront/Homestead) - Not 100% sure on this one

Steak n Shake (Waterfront/Homestead)

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The ones most likely to contain me after closer are:

-Vesuvius Pizza on the South Side (best ever, I'm still mad I didn't get it last night!)

-Camodican Kitchen aka "Cat on a Stick" on the South Side

and obviously,

-The "O" Oakland

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Double Wide Grille (South Side) haven't been there... but Munch said you can get ribs there at 1AM

Crazy Mocha (South Side) 1AM... makes a good bar alternative

Fiori's (Brookline)... not sure how late this renowned pizza place stays open... but I know I've eaten there pretty late at night

Tom's Diner (Dormont)

Primanti's (Strip District)... not sure about Oakland, South Side and suburban locations... I think Market Sq. one closes between 10PM-midnight

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