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Brassfield Shopping Center Rumors


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That shopping center is circling the drain. Just in the last six months they've lost Lone Star, McFadden Music, and the Michaels is moving to Jefferson village. If Steinmart moves then the only tenant left will be Kinkos.

I hope they are planning on putting a Costco in. It would probably do really well on this side of town.

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I remember when they first built that shopping center back in the '80s. It was quite striking at the time. It had the first Stein Mart and Michaels I ever went to.

It's looking a little ragged these days. Hopefully Costco would be able to breathe some new life into ithe place.

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Yeah, I remember going in that Stein Mart and seeing that all of their floor were real shiney. That was the first Stein Mart I've ever been to too. But my biggest memories of the shopping center would be the Phar Mor, Pizza Hut, and the Ham's.

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