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Dangerous winter storm


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With the major ice storm across parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri with possible freezing rain as far as Ohio possible, this could be one hell of a storm.

Ice is already accumulating and the impact could be much worse as the front has stalled out, and many areas including Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and St. Louis could be effectively shut down for some time.

Other impacts have been sub-zero temperatures on barren ground over the northern plains that have seen a dearth of snow thanks to a more southerly storm track caused by El-Nino. Ground frost is expected to be deeper than normal even with at or above normal temperatures because there isn't any snow to insulate the ground.

By far the most severe economic impact from this winter weather system is the record cold settling in accross the far west. California is expected to have all-time record low temperatures tonight reaching as low as 18*F in Visalia, CA, about 2*F colder than the previous record. Even at this time, it's only 40*F in Visalia. This could have a devastating impact on a $1billion citrus crop in the central valley.

I guess this is what happen when corporate farming interests put all their eggs into one basket. We pay the price.

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