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Philadelphia Photo Tour

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durham_rtp    0

Hey.....thought I would add these from my latest trip to Philly. My first time posting a set....Hope you enjoy!!

From a distance in I 95:


From Rittenhouse Square in Center City:


Rittenhouse Square:


Skyline from Musuem of Art:


Skukyll (sp) River


Center City:




PSFS in Center City, first skyscraper to be built in Philly:


Old City:


Building in Old City:


City Hall:


Annual Mummer's Parade


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tracer1138    0

what's that new tower going up downtown? It looks like it's already taller than the next tallest (One Liberty Place?) I don't think they had even started on that the last time I was in Phila, which was only last summer!

I'll have to check out the Philadelpahia threads.

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I haven't been to Philadelphia in years (like almost 20), and I need to give her a second chance. The last time I got to go as a teenager, there was a sanitation worker strike and it definitely jaded my opinion. I need to plan a trip there (especially since I have relatives only 35 miles away.)

Thanks for posting the pics, they're great! :thumbsup:

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billpa    0

That is indeed the Comcast tower, which you can see is rising above the other talls in Philly; when it's done it'll be just shy of 1000 feet.

Also, to Suburban George 3, if you go back to Philly you won't recognize it compared with 20 years ago- like many big cities in this country, it's greatly improved. Sure, there are still many issues that need to be worked out, but it's a great place already. Top notch history, restaurants, culture- everything a big city should deliver on.

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