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Not really....I really never hear much out of that part of the state. Paducah and Hopkinsville both generate news regularly on the economic and urban development fronts, esp. Paducah since it has broadcast news and is a media hub; but Owensboro kind of gets lost in the whole West Kentucky news circuit. Maybe if you are in the Evansville media market you might hear more about it.

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Sprawl, sprawl, and more encrochment onto the flood plains. That is really about it up there for Owensboro. It's rather stagnant as far as growth is concerned.

Here is their newspaper for reference, you have to pay to see it, but atleast it's a start. www.messengerinquirer.com

It is interesting to note that they are seeking new flights at the Owensboro Regional Airport to places like Chicago and Nashville via Mesa Airlines. We'll see how that goes here soon.

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They are, but it has gone about as far as the idea has here in Murfreesboro. There really isn't any other incorporated towns in Daviess County, but there is strong opposition to merging the governments in that county with those of the City of Owensboro. It is interesting to note, if you are ever up that direction, you should drive on up to Owensboro. It really is a nice town with a great future ahead of it...I hope. Get there in May and you can see what makes Ownesboro THE PLACE in late spring.....The International Bar-B-Q Festival downtown on the riverfront!!!!

Outside of that, there is plenty of impressive turn of the century housing stock lining streets with sidewalks and large beautiful trees. I may have to do a small photo tour there sometime.

I was born there and spent many, many, MANY days of my life in that town. I love it! LOL!!!

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