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Tel Aviv pictures...


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Hey there guys!

My mane is Pavel [Pasha] and I'm 4rom Israel to...

I like it here, cosy :P

Anyway, even do I live here 9 years so far, I hadn't the opertunity to visit the capital of Israelis skyscrapers - Ramat Gan...so last week i've been there. And I have 2 say that it made me look pathetic...I looked like a strange tourist I was told...

I was so amazed 2 see, the same buildings who's pictures I have in dozends on my computer - alive!

I guess u know the City Gate Tower and saw it's hight but from a closer look - it's incredibble!! [specially comfortable in an opening roof kind of car :D ]

Lately I was wondering am I realy ready 2 see the americans or european ones and decided that I'de had to take some madecine with me to relax after each block of high buildibgs in new york or just 4 standing few moment near the High One Plaza in the downtown Manhattan...

I adore the high buildings and obsessed with it beauty...

I'm happy to find someone to share it's illnes with me :lol:

Some pics 4rom the israeli ones...http://www.telavivinf.com/maineng.asp

enjoy B)

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