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New 12 story tower at St. Joseph Mercy


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Is done from what I can see from the road at night. Has anybody checked it out during the day? The last time I actually saw it in the daytime they were fireproofing the steel. Because the medical campus sits so high up in the Huron Valley, I heard it is the only place now where you can see the AA skyline looking west.


Here's an image from the steel companies website.


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Based on your observations LMich, you are correct. The hospital is in a very awkward position in that it really doesn't sit on any major roads. The geography of the area is really hilly so that there are a lot twisting roads that lead to it. However, they all connect to major thoroughfares that tie the Ann Arbor and Ypsi areas together. I wish we had an aerial photo of the St. Joseph Mercy campus. It's very large. I'm hoping that sometime during the day I can get out there to get some pictures. I usually only pass by the campus at night when I'm going to some 24 hour fast food place on Washtenaw for a late night snack. If anyone is driving down US-23 at night on the East side of Ann Arbor, look to your left as you are crossing the Huron River, and you will see the tower all lit up in the distance. The tower is also visible from locations within Ann Arbor, such as the U of M medical campuus, Huron Towers, VA Hospital, and the University Towers.

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What I've heard, from someone who works in the hospital, is that in addition to the tower we are discussing here, there are plans for a second tower next to it. The original hospital building will be demoed. I'm not sure if the new tower is to be built where the old hospital currently stands, or whether the hospital will be torn down later. I'll try to find out more.

I live about 1/2 mile away, so I might be able to swing by and get some photos.

The hospital is in a strange location, but it also is close to two exits off US-23 -- Washtenaw and Geddes Road. In fact, just last year they completely rebuilt Dixboro Road between Geddes and Huron River Drive and constructed a tall, 4-lane bridge over the Huron River for better access.

EDIT: Wolverine -- btw, the exterior of the first tower is completely finished now. I assume they're still working inside.

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