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"Bungee Principles" Foster Tower Provokes Major Controversy on the Upper East Side

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Tom Wolfe, Others, Decry Proposed "Mondo Condo" Tower

A proposal to plop a 22 story glass tower on top of the Parke-Bernet gallery building on Fifth Avenue has stirred no small controversy. The battle lines are being drawn with the likes of Tom Wolfe, various Mellons and others on the non-tower side and Anna Wintour, and others supporting the avant garde design of Sir Norman Foster. Having not seen the design, I cannot draw an immediate conclusion. As usual, however, Wolfe has not been at a loss for waord, calling the project the "Mondo Condo" and chiding the toothless Landmarks Commission for its "bungee principles." Whatever happens, this will be an interesting fight to watch.

The Washington Post

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