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The Lake

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The other day, when it was 70 degrees outside, a couple people mentioned wishing their boats weren't winterized. Mine on Lake Wylie isn't and I went out that day. I've always found it interesting that so many people in Charlotte when they think of "the lake" think only of Lake Norman. I'm glad, actually, because Lake Wylie is less congested by a massive degree. The day I went out I saw maybe 4 or 5 other boats. It is actually like that many evenings during the week in the summer (when my friends on Lake Norman say they can't even ski because the traffic has "rocked the pool" and it is way to choppy).

These pix are in the main channel just a mile or so north of the Buster Boyd Bridge.

This is not intended in any way to detract from or speak poorly of Norman, just to point out the serenity of another lake that is 20 minutes door-to-door from my house in downtown!





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In my two years here I have never really explored Wylie or Norman. I grew up on the beach and have always been biased towards the ocean. I have a phobia about lakes that comes from being shipped to summer camp in New Hampshire for years. Forced morning swims in New Hampshires lakes are COLD :ph34r: regardless of it being July. I need to get over this though :lol: Lake Wylie looks very pretty and I will have to explore more.

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No it is not possible to boat to Mountain Island Lake from Lake Wylie there is no way to get onto the other side of Mountain Island Dam. I have been to the whitewater rapids place. I made a post here about it. You can boat to it from the Lake Wylie if you go north until it turns into the Catawba river. It will be on the right side as you head North. There is a small platform there where you can tie up then walk up to the park.

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