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Hello from the other Manchester

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Hello people of Manchester, New Hampshire:

I thought i'd say hi and let you know about our Manchester over in England!

Manchester is one of Britain's biggest, most vibrant and important cities. It is home to the world's biggest sporting club in Manchester Utd (and another premier league team in Manchester City), It has 4 universities, was the world's first industrial city, the world's first passenger railway, the atom was discovered here, its the home of the industrial revolution and the birthplace of the computer.

It has recently undergone a massive regeneration having bid for the olympics (and hosting the commonwealth games). Much of the city was destroyed by the largest ever terrorist bomb in the UK back in 1996 but has been rebuilt far bigger and better than before. Britain's tallest residential building is also under-construction here.

The population of Greater Manchester is around 2.5 million people.

Here are some pics:

Manchester's Tallest Building u/c (171m tall, 48 floors), Beetham Tower.


Manchester's Current Tallest (118m) CIS Tower


Manchester City Panorama with U/C Tower


Manchester Town Hall


Manchester City Scape


Manchester Aerial View


Old Trafford (Home of Manchester Utd FC, capacity soon to be 75000)


Imperial War Museum:


Lowry Museum:


General Cityscapes:







The University


Central Library


Urbis Museum


City of Manchester Stadium (home of Manchester City F.C. capacity 48000)


Hope you enjoy, Theres many more 1000's of pictures out there, esp of Victorian Manchester but i'll eave it for now

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What an amazing city!! Very daring architecture!!!

btw-Alot of towns in New England are named after the places in the British Isles like Manchester, Boston, Plymouth, Dorchester etc.

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Excellent pics. I love seeing second cities that you usually don't get to see.

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